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Visceral massage, also known as visceral manipulation, is a form of bodywork that focuses on the internal organs of the body. It involves gentle manual techniques that aim to improve the mobility and function of the organs, as well as release any tension or adhesions within the abdominal cavity. During a visceral massage session, a therapist applies light pressure and specific hand placements to different areas of the abdomen, pelvis, and thorax to assess and treat any restrictions or imbalances in the visceral (organ) tissues.

The goal is to restore proper movement and alignment of the organs, which can help improve their function and overall health. Visceral massage is based on the principles of osteopathy and the idea that the internal organs can become restricted or misaligned, leading to various health issues such as chronic pain, digestive disorders, and postural imbalances. By releasing tension and restoring proper organ function, visceral massage aims to promote better overall health and well-being.


Visceral massage, also known as abdominal massage or organ massage, has several potential benefits. Some of the advantages of visceral massage include:

1. Improved digestion: Visceral massage can stimulate the digestive system, promoting better digestion and relieving symptoms such as bloating, constipation, and abdominal discomfort.

2. Increased circulation: By massaging the organs in the abdomen, blood flow and lymphatic drainage can be improved, leading to better overall circulation throughout the body.

3. Reduced stress and tension: Visceral massage can help release tension and stress in the abdomen, which may contribute to feelings of relaxation and improved well-being.

4. Enhanced organ function: By stimulating the organs, visceral massage can help optimize their function, potentially improving their efficiency and overall health.

5. Pain relief: Visceral massage may be beneficial for individuals experiencing chronic pain in the abdomen or pelvis, as it can help alleviate tension and reduce discomfort.

6. Hormonal balance: Some studies suggest that visceral massage can have a positive impact on hormonal balance, potentially benefiting individuals with hormonal imbalances or conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

7. Post-surgical recovery: Visceral massage can aid in the recovery process after abdominal surgeries by promoting healing, reducing scar tissue formation, and improving mobility.

It’s important to note that while visceral massage can offer various benefits, it may not be suitable for everyone. It is recommended to consult with a qualified massage therapist or healthcare professional before undergoing this type of massage, especially if you have any underlying medical conditions.

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